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Tuscan Skies (Cieli di Toscana)

1 Opening Sequence (London Concert)
2 Melodramma (The home Coming)
3 Il Mistero Dell' Amore (A Boyhood Dream)
4 L' Incontro (The First Encounter)
5 L' Ultimo Re(The Last King)
6 L' Abitudine ( Recording Session Featuring Helena)
7 Resta Qui (Stay With Me)
8 Mille Lune Mille Onde (A Thousand Caresses)
9 Mascagni (Dedicated to the People and Spirits of the Sea)
10 Tornerà La Neve (Returning to Calm)
11 E Sarà ' A Settembre (The Last Dance)
12 E Mi Manche Tu (And I Miss You)
13 End Credits

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