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Dear father

Dear father,
It's useless to argue
We'll never agree
There's nothing strange with that

30 years separate us
Or maybe
You are afraid
Not to find the strength
To stand by my side
If the obstacles should stop me

Don't worry, listen to me
I may have problems
I may face infamous people but
Nothing shall scare me
Nothing shall corrupt me
Nothing in the world
Will make me forget that
I can win
And i want to make it on my own.
And i want to make it on my own.

I know it's difficult for you
To justify
Such a restless impatience to fight
To dare the impossible

You'll find it incredible
But the more i think about it the more i realize
I am really like you
And you don't know how i wish
That your strength will never leave you
To have you next to me

And never surrender


Goodbye father,

See you soon.
18.07.2013 13:42:30

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